Three college students start to pay more than a college student

for many people, entrepreneurship is the golden key to change the fate. Through entrepreneurship, Shaanxi, three colleges and universities students can also get enviable entrepreneurial achievements, many people’s salaries have counter attack key university students.

5 at the beginning of the month, the State Office issued the "opinions" on deepening the reform of higher education, colleges and universities should put forward "the formation of a group can be copied the results can be generalized system of innovation and entrepreneurship education popularization."


– 3+1 "mode of Teaching Innovation:  " double "counseling business plan instead of the graduation thesis

"if can withstand grinding, stem from the grass-roots veteran, could win the color of life." Huang, chairman of Xi’an External affairs Institute said.

by tracking survey of alumni found that "private college graduates entrepreneurship and the success rate is not low than key university, and the university entrepreneurship education is still almost blank." In order to cultivate applied talents as the direction of the school, in 2009, Xi’an External affairs Institute in the private colleges and universities in the first set up a business college, the school has become an entity of two college. After two years of lectures, to edit and publish in 11th Five-Year, the College of quality planning teaching materials, entrepreneurship foundation tutorial, 6 years, Xi’an External affairs Institute has more than 3 students to accept the entrepreneurship education.

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