Open 10 million luxury cars to send out the fire business why not make money

this year to do business, a gun is still very necessary, first pocketed the eye, in order to earn enough pocket. 90 Zhang backing is not small, had the first domestic car tesla. Recently, he in the circle of friends and red, but not because of his car, but he drove 10 million luxury cars to send up cold Amoy, cut fruit.

by a Rolls-Royce   his cold Amoy business fire

A, Zhang just help a couple after the wedding, just returned to the company, he received a takeaway list, to send 3 copies of Amoy cold. His car did not come, he easily drove the Rolls-Royce mirage. Boy, but the value of about 10000000 yuan luxury car ah, every minute is sharp eyed guests recognize, photograph the sun to a circle of friends.

"such a senior car, what gave the takeaway?"

"willful money……"