How to choose the location of lighting stores

we know that a reasonable location for the sale of lighting stores have a profound impact, so everyone in the opening of the lighting stores, the site must be careful in this regard. Specifically how to do it? Next, let’s take a look at the shop location method.

1, large and medium-sized furniture city, home supporting center, large and medium-sized household appliances city, etc.. Lighting shop location in the region has a good brand effect and market appeal, publicity and accurate positioning, clear target groups.

2, with the focus of the industry, such as lighting market, building materials market, decorative materials city. Lighting store location in more places lighting operators to passenger consumption is very clear, "shop city duolong" effect. Investment in the operation of the lamp shop, the customer group is very high. Therefore, the site is particularly important, the possibility of a large flow of natural places where the transaction is greater.

3, has just completed the delivery of large residential occupancy began in this type of shop, the cost is relatively low, the lighting store location targeted, can be placed "stop" should be timely to take the tenants bridal decoration lamp quantity. In addition, high-grade residential areas can also be around. The region is densely populated, the source is stable and the consumption potential is large.

4, business center (large shopping centers, shopping malls, supermarkets) or fashion blocks (pedestrian street). Lighting shop location in this area, large flow of people, strong brand radiation, passenger protection, no seasonal differences in sales.

5, the shop is located in the shop location is open to things, then, in the summer, the sun will be from morning to evening, through the shop door to the store. The summer sun is hot, this was regarded as sacred Feng shui. The stock of the store business activities Shaqi is bad. Into the store first Shaqi is disturbed by the clerk.


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