Tianjin the twelfth women’s business plan competition show female creative style

for women entrepreneurs, all over the country have launched a number of intimate entrepreneurial services, from entrepreneurship policy to entrepreneurship contest to advocacy support, each link for women to create a lower threshold of entrepreneurship. Venture her era has come to the earth.

"Nizi not wearing masks, new products can replace the" Cosplay "interactive cartoon characters live true to life," "through the purchase of portrait, precise push for goods"…… This is not an anime show, nor is it a product promotion, which is the twelfth Tianjin women’s business plan contest final scene.


contest since the start of October, the organizers organized a team of experts into the University, districts and counties to carry out entrepreneurial knowledge propaganda, entrepreneurs on-site to answer questions, just two months time attracted nearly 600 people participating. The competition is focused on high-tech, emerging industries and modern service industries. Intelligent supply chain system, cerebrovascular disease prevention and control system, analysis of the Internet online ordering, water siphon machine, waste oil conversion, in innovation, content of science and technology, patent technology and independent intellectual property rights and other aspects have a very high level, worthy of the name "nei".

14 project

in women entrepreneurs in Tianjin, women’s federations at all levels pay more attention to a special group of single mothers. The dual pressures of family and career need more of them to pay, but often such a group of special women, but also burst out of the powerful energy innovation and entrepreneurship. To this end, the current competition in the establishment of a single mother Venture Award, recommended

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