Henan network ordering platform for rectification process should not exceed 2 hours

in the fast pace of modern life, most of the time we don’t want to go out to dinner, just a few dishes to choose on the net home or in the company, but in the sale of some black businessmen to steal private interests. Some undocumented small workshop, through the form of network ordering business, or there is no store, commissioned third party processing behavior, in October 1st in our province will be severely punished. Here, for the rectification of Henan network ordering platform, we do further understanding.

9 month 29 days, reporters from the provincial government news conference was informed that, since October 1st, jointly issued by the provincial food and drug administration, the Provincial Communications Administration of Henan province "network ordering food safety supervision and management measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") will be formally implemented, for the management of network ordering, all sellers must hang page food business license.


continuous exposure black workshop

in July this year, has been reported to the United States on a group takeaway black workshop problem.

no door, no license, built in the ruins beside the dilapidated cottage, and such a workshop, through the "U.S." transformed into "love" by the customer online restaurant, month tens of thousands of orders.

reporter visited found that in the vicinity of a college teacher Zhuang, a street similar to the above mentioned workshop has seven or eight workshops, each is only about an area of about 20 square meters of production.

according to a United States to take away the hotel owner Lee said that due to the full range of documents, Mr. Lee’s shop quickly passed the audit, after no one reviewed, he slowly expanded the scope of business. Some workshops do not have any documents, no detailed address or business category, most of them have problems.


to regulate chaos

After the

report caused widespread concern, Zhengzhou high tech Zone food and drug administration immediately action on a number of black workshops were banned.

subsequently, several black workshops closed in the United States on the takeaway has not been able to search. High tech Zone food and drug administration, a responsible person said, will further intensify supervision, crack down on black workshop". Zhengzhou food and drug administration is also responsible for the United States to take out the Zhengzhou area responsible person interviews, and urge its rectification.

United States takeaway to respond, said the problem mentioned in the workshop has been all offline, in the settled business shop plus a report business function. < recommended

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