How to choose a snack bar to join the facade

venture to join the snack bar, we must first consider the problem is to rent the facade. You may also want to ask, how much to join the snack bar to rent it? Their store area is much more reasonable? You can be positioned by the following factors!

Second, the capacity calculation of the store, which is to determine the selected store can arrange the number of seats and the effective operation time. Because the store has a kitchen, such as the operating area as well as the auxiliary area of the warehouse and toilet, channel. Remove these areas can be used to operate the restaurant area. According to experience, the business area is usually 50% ~ ~ ~ of the total area of 70%.

actually not difficult to join the snack bar, when the facade of the rent according to their own actual situation to decide. Through the comprehensive consideration of the investment capacity of the snack bar, rent price, seat capacity, consumption level and profit standard, and quantitative calculation, to determine a reasonable restaurant area.


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