Rural entrepreneurship promising government to support the aging obvious

with government support and encouragement, in order to give us more development momentum. "This is the first time that we have our own exhibition hall to show the production of our own youth." Qingyuan Mountain girl fruit and vegetable cooperatives chairman Wu Yanxia holding cooperatives chinquapin said, with this platform, helps us to solve the difficult problem of sales of agricultural products, Amari Ju natural products in order to let more people know, more and more people accept.

Zhang Junya sister recently loved by the public, and from the beginning of last year, "brother Zhang Junbao" also quietly listed, and the momentum is very fierce, the sweet potato and purple sweet potato production of water is produced in Zhuji, general manager of the Zhuji Lukang biological Limited company of science and technology Feng Yongcai also put a "little brother" to "

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