Former Florida State Star Going Off On Seminoles During Performance vs. Clemson

first_imgDeondre Francois being hit by a Clemson defender.TALLAHASSEE, FL – OCTOBER 27: Deondre Francois #12 of the Florida State Seminoles throws a pass while under pressure in the second quarter of the game against the Clemson Tigers at Doak Campbell Stadium on October 27, 2018 in Tallahassee, Florida. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)The Clemson vs. Florida State game, usually one of the most anticipated of the season, is an absolute joke this year. The Tigers currently lead the Seminoles 59-3 early in the fourth quarter. One former FSU star is losing his mind on Twitter.Jacobbi McDaniel, who played at Florida State from 2009-2013 and helped the program win a national title, has taken to Twitter with some thoughts on the contest. In short, he’s beyond disappointed with what the Seminoles are doing on the field.It’s hard to blame him. Florida State, after holding Clemson scoreless in the first quarter, has given up 59 points since. The team’s offense hasn’t been much better.Here’s what McDaniel had to say. Some of it is quite colorful.Debo tryna put up 35 in the first half! Sheesh lol.— Jacobbi McDaniel (@JacobbiJustice) October 27, 2018They out there being friendly with Clemson players. And literally getting their ass beat… wow.— Jacobbi McDaniel (@JacobbiJustice) October 27, 2018During the play you Tuck your tail between your legs,but after the play you stick ya chest out. That’s ass backwards. Am I the only one that notice that? During the play it’s nothing but after the play or side liners notice how all that wolf talk come about?? #ass #backwards— Jacobbi McDaniel (@JacobbiJustice) October 27, 201852 points in your house?! This is a fucking(sorry for my language) disgrace. All of you need ya ass whipped! This has to do with pride pride pride. It’s no way Fsu should get their ass beat this bad.. what’s really going on man. Frfr. Trash as hell! Unacceptable— Jacobbi McDaniel (@JacobbiJustice) October 27, 2018Wanna be fucking(sorry for my language once again) fashion designers and shit. I normally hold my thoughts but ya boys trash! About to get 60 hung on ya at ya own fucking stadium.— Jacobbi McDaniel (@JacobbiJustice) October 27, 2018At an fsu game.. psh. Smh— Jacobbi McDaniel (@JacobbiJustice) October 27, 2018It’s these players man. It’s pride!! It ain’t coaching its pride!— Jacobbi McDaniel (@JacobbiJustice) October 27, 201870 points?! In house??In ya house??!!!! Evrybody souls leave the stadium. They don’t deserve no ones time. This is pride man. Coaching has nothing to do with it. Jimbo has nothing to do with it. So don come at me about Jimbo nor the coaches now. Hold these kids accountable!— Jacobbi McDaniel (@JacobbiJustice) October 27, 2018With the remaining schedule Fsu may go 4-8 wowww.— Jacobbi McDaniel (@JacobbiJustice) October 27, 2018Clemson, with the win, is now 8-0 on the season and looks like a virtual lock for the College Football Playoff.Florida State, meanwhile, falls to 4-4. The Seminoles will need to finish 2-2 to compete in a bowl game.last_img

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