Tuco Introduces New FRB and Daughter Crafts

first_imgzoom Tuco Marine Group (Tuco) has developed a new series of vessels consisting of 16 boat models designed especially for the most critical and tough working conditions at sea.With the development of the new ProZero series Tuco has focused on innovation and on minimizing the weight of the vessels in the three segments: “Search and Rescue”, “Military and Police” and “Workboats”. Tuco expects that the average weight of these types of boats can be reduced by 30 percent.The core idea of the ProZero series is to create a product that will be competitive not only when it comes to the weight, but also on parameters like delivery time and customization according to customer demands.“The module based design makes it possible for us to give our customers a product that can be customized according to their needs and with a relatively short delivery time compared to the market average,” said Jonas Pedersen, the Managing Director at Tuco.The low weight of the ProZero series will cause a significant reduction in fuel consumption which will again make the emission of both CO2 and NoX lower.At the same time the vessels will have a longer range and will be able to travel further distances.Furthermore the ProZero series has been optimized for lifts with davits and other types of cranes. According to international standards, large motherships are required to have rescue vessels on board.The davits and cranes necessary for lifting the rescue vessels can be bought in a smaller rendition which reduces both the costs and the weight of the motherships. Another alternative is to choose a larger Daughter Craft.All the vessels of the ProZero series meet the standards of the classification system of DNV, and can be customized to fit the demands of other classification companies if needed.The standard boats of the series range in length between 6,5-16 meters and in width between 2,8-4,3 meters. May 28, 2014last_img

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