Muskets fired flags lowered to remember death of Sir Isaac Brock

Re-enactors fire muskets at the flag lowering and commemoration of Maj.-Gen Sir Isaac Brock.Staff and students gathered in front of the Schmon Tower this morning for a flag lowering ceremony commemorating the death of Sir Isaac Brock.Re-enactors fired muskets and a bugle player sounded the “Last Post” at the third annual event, which honours the University’s namesake.“He gave his life in a cause that forged the course of history and led to the creation of Canada,” said Rudi Kroeker, chair of the Board of Trustees. “He was a true hero and we are fiercely proud that our university is named after him.”Brock died on Oct. 13, 1812 – 199 years and one day ago – in the Battle of Queenston Heights.The celebration of Maj.-Gen Sir Isaac Brock continues tomorrow with General Brock’s October Soirée.Related stories:• Mythical last words aside, Brock’s commemoration pushes onRe-enactors stand at attention.

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