Paragon GPT Loader lets 3TB drives work under Windows XP

first_imgMany users are continuing to use Windows XP instead of upgrading to Windows 7 mainly because they don’t believe the upgrade is necessary. Depending on what you use your PC for that may be the case, but as technology moves forward XP begins to come up short in some areas.One such area is that of storage space on hard drives. Windows XP can only recognize hard drives up to 2.2TB in size. 3TB drives are now becoming commonplace, and eventually they will become the most cost effective and easiest to source drives.AdChoices广告So where does this leave XP users? 3TB+ drives can be used with an XP system, but only 2.2TB of space will be usable meaning you are paying for storage you’ll never be able to use. However, Paragon Software claims to have a solution in the form of the Paragon GPT Loader.GPTL consists of a special driver that adds support for GUID Partition Tables under Windows XP. That means a 3TB+ drive can be installed with all of its storage space usable. There are a few caveats, though. GPTL will only work on drives that do not contain the Windows operating system for your machine, so any 3TB drive would have to form a secondary storage drive. There is also no provision for using RAID or having the drive as external to your machine.Even with those limitations this may be the simplest way to increase storage with the latest hard drives under Windows XP. The good news is it’s currently free to download and use GPTL through Paragon’s Early Adopter Program.Read more at the Paragon Software press releaselast_img

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