Lenovo announces LePad Tablet with Android and Windows 7 functionality

first_imgTablet devices are big news at the moment and so as not to be undone by the competition the laptop manufacturing giant Lenovo is the latest company to announce a new LePad tablet (on show at CES 2011). However, this one seems a little different, the most notable difference being that it starts off life as an Android tablet, but it can then transform itself into a full-fledged Windows 7 notebook.The LePad has a good spec as well, sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (1.3 GHz), a multi-touch 10.1-inch screen running at 1280×800, and Android 2.2. To start with it will be offered as a standalone product, so you can use the device just like any other tablet, but by purchasing the optional IdeaPad U1 base this will then convert the device into a notebook with the more powerful Intel processor and Windows 7 OS leading the charge from there.This is quite a cool concept in my eyes. Other manufactures have tried to pull this off in the past, for example the Viewsonic Viewpad (with its dual OS), but I think the LePad could well be the best bet for a converged solution.Initially the LePad and its U1 base will be on sale in China and will sell for $1300 when combined, but $520 for the U1 on its own. However, there is no news when the device will be sold outside of China, but after doing a little digging the device could well be sold in the US when Honeycomb gets released, which is just as well really as the LePad tablet will initially be shipped without access to the Android Market.via ZDNetlast_img

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