The Gifted Brings Season Two Footage to SDCC

first_imgStay on target All the Trailers You Might Have Missed from SDCCVoltron Confirmed Gay AF The Marvel Cinematic Universe may be skipping this year’s Comic Con, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely devoid of Marvel content. Fox had a Marvel-sized hit on their hands last fall with the first season of The Gifted. It may not have followed the X-Men as we know them, but it was thoroughly an X-Men show. The pilot even had the theme song from the ’90s cartoon in it. The trailer for Season Two debuted at the show’s panel. Season One didn’t leave things in a great place for the mutants. And it looks like they’re going to get even worse in Season Two.I really like this show. Sure, it can be a little formulaic, but it’s a damn good formula. Plus, the mutant powers are always amazing. That continues in Season Two, where we get to see even more of them. We even get a glimpse of the Strucker twins using their joint powers again. After Season One, we know how dangerous that is. Blink’s power continues to be the most impressive to me. Sure, Eclipse throwing light is cool, Polaris’ magnetic powers are great, but I just love the way those portals look. She’s going to be using them a lot too. Now, it’s not just the Sentinels who are after them, the underground is at odds with the Hellfire Club and the Frost sisters. We’re also going to see the “real” Underground this season? Those would be the Morlocks, who we’re going to see a lot of this season. After the trailer, the cast described them as a completely free mutant society living underground. Also, it looks like Reed’s powers are coming back, so that’s exciting.The panel attended by Jeph Loeb, Matt Nix, Natalie Alyn Lind, Sean Teale, Skyler Samuels, Blair Redford, Emma Dumont, Jamie Chung and Steven Moyer, Comic Book reports. They revealed a little bit about the second season. It takes place six months after the events of Season One. Things really haven’t gotten any better since then. Samuels said her three characters, the Frost triplets, have some issues with one another. “Me, myself and I are at odds throughout the show.”Over on the Mutant Underground side, Thunderbird and Blink have formed a relationship. Of course they have, the show has been setting that one up since episode one. Redford described their interactions as “hot and heavy after six months.” As for Polaris, Dumont describes the character like this: “Pregnant. She’s very pregnant, nine months pregnant. She’s struggling with missing Marcos. They created a mutant together, created a person. That’s terrifying and hard, and she’s really scared about the labor.”She may have more reason than most mothers to be too. We saw her in labor in the trailer, and boy that’s going to be a harrowing scene, I can already tell. Dumont also said she’ll follow even further in her father, Magneto’s footsteps this season. We saw her going that way in Season One, and now that she has a kid, she believes even stronger in the need to live separately from humans. As for that baby, we won’t see what kinds of powers it’ll have for a while. They don’t manifest until puberty. Dumont has a theory, though. “I’m going to go with metal bending.”Sean Teale teased even more elements from the X-Men comics that they get to explore this season, according to Entertainment Weekly. That’s mostly because they spent the whole season in hiding in that one house. Now, they’re still going out on missions, but they’re on the run. “We opened it up, so there are so many other facets of the X-Men and just our universe in general that we haven’t been able to show because of what we were doing last year, he said. “And now that we’ve been on the run, we see so many cities, so many subsets of the mutant world.”Sean Teale, Emma Dumont and Blair Redford (Cr: Eliza Morse/FOX)We’ll also see a lot more of The Purifires. They only made a brief appearance in Season One, but they are what they sound like. Teale described them as “a mutant hate group.” He then added sarcastically, “I don’t know what parallels we could compare that to in modern-day times. If only we had an idea. They’re tiki torch-carrying mutant haters.” So yeah, the metaphors are going to get a little on the nose this season, but when has X-Men not been on the nose? When you have a story about people who are hated because they weren’t born a certain way, the real-world parallels jump out on their own.Jeph Loeb addressed that aspect of the show directly. “The sort of best Marvel stories are where you take a situation from the real world and you put it through the Marvel prism,” he said. “If I could boil it down to one word that describes the X-men, it’s tolerance.”The Gifted, even without the major movie characters, is the most X-Men show on TV. From the look of that trailer, the action and special effects will be just as thrilling, possibly even better, than Season One. And if you want a civil rights allegory on the side, well The Gifted doesn’t get much more X-Men than that. The show returns sometime this fall on Fox.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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