Wuhan a new entrepreneurial service package service youth entrepreneurship

in 2015 after the exploration of the exercise, the parties have a new understanding of the development of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship has also helped a good experience. Wuhan based on the experience of last year, the introduction of a full set of entrepreneurial service package, all kinds of entrepreneurial resources.

large data available entrepreneurial resources

027 Wuhan service network integration of the various types of Wuhan City Entrepreneurial space resources, including basic data, interactive function, incubation services, and the establishment of a dynamic database of the unified solution, small enterprises in seeking policy support, professional services and resources integration "last one hundred meters".

in a service online, entrepreneurs and Small and micro businesses can not only search for all kinds of business information, but also release business needs, show business achievements, legal rights, tax agents,    ,   agency; investment finance, intellectual property and other business counseling information and entrepreneurship training information, also can in a web service find.

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