Xijing University held the nternet entrepreneurs sharing

to create a good entrepreneurial atmosphere to help aspiring young people to achieve entrepreneurial dreams. Shaanxi, the "Urban Entrepreneurship" column and the Shaanxi youth entrepreneurship alliance held a venture to share, for students who intend to build a platform for exchange of experience.

10 on the afternoon of 20 May, by the Shaanxi TV station, "Urban Entrepreneurship +" column, Shaanxi youth entrepreneurship alliance, Xijing University, CO sponsored by the Internet entrepreneurs will be held in the office of the party building hall. Vice president of Xijing University President Ren Fang, Zhang Hui, director of Employment Center for college students Wang Jun, part of the Department Director, Center for entrepreneurship and employment entrepreneurship teachers, student representatives, more than 90 enterprises, social entrepreneurship on behalf of a total of more than 120 ginseng.

YeePay co-founder and senior vice president, CCTV documentary "Internet Era" to "see the future consultant Yu Chen: change people" Internet world title to share. He from the connection, time and space to share the three dimensions of the Internet environment at home and abroad, entrepreneurs and other aspects of thinking in detail. The lecture with strong interaction, relaxed atmosphere and insightful views won the applause of the scene.

after the meeting, Zhang Hui said, more than the teacher report vision, easy to understand, very exciting. Xijing University is a high degree of attention to student innovation, entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities, the lecture will give students in Xijing University in innovation and entrepreneurship practice to bring a new perspective.

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