These Lego Power Rangers Are Ready To Take On Rita Repulsa

first_img ‘Legend of the White Dragon’ Reunites Original Power RangersThe Original ‘Power Rangers’ Movie Should Have Stayed Small Stay on target It’s Morphin’ Time! Thanks to a new Lego Ideas project you may finally be able to add some awesome reproductions of the Power Rangers to your minifig collection.The whole team is here: Zack, Kimberly, Billy, Trini, Jason, and Tommy are ready to do whatever it takes to keep Rita Repulsa and her minions from wreaking havoc in Angel Grove. Alpha 5 faithfully mans the Command Center, ensuring that everything is running smoothly in case Zordon needs to call the Power Rangers to action. As awesome as it would be for Lego to make an oversized semi-translucent minifig head for Zordon this would probably just be a screen-printed element.The Command Center itself is a relatively simple build, but if you watched the show you know it’s a pretty accurate reproduction of the “real” thing. In case you didn’t here it is in all its 90s glory:With the Power Rangers movie due to hit theaters in March of next year, the timing for this Ideas pitch couldn’t be better. Unless, of course, Lego already has plans in place to offer up sets of their own… but even if they do there’s still room for a retro set based on the original series.Is there really a chance that Lego would approve a set like this? Their decision makers have had no problem giving the green light to licensed nostalgia so far. We’ve already seen awesome some Ideas sets like Ecto-1, Marty, Doc, and the DeLorean, Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, Wall-E, and the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. In January, they’re set to release a set of brick-built Adventure Time characters.Now head on over to the Lego Ideas project page and pledge your support, Geeks! The set needs a few thousand more votes before Lego will even consider it.last_img

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