Limited edition Halo 4 320GB Xbox 360 leaks

first_imgIt seems Microsoft is planning to release a limited edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 console. Is anyone really surprised? The Microsoft Store accidentally revealed it yesterday, before it was swiftly taken back down.The bundle includes a specially designed console with, of course, the new Halo 4 game included. We can therefore expect it to ship day and date with the game in early November. There will also be DLC included for Halo 4 as well as two controllers, a black headset, and a 320GB hard drive. The Halo 4 DLC will include codes for a unique armor skin, weapon skin, emblem, avatar armor, and avatar prop.The console itself has a rather unique feature: Halo 4 sound effects will play when you turn it on or press the disc eject button. That might be cool to begin with, but owners will likely be looking for the mute button after a few months of hearing the same sound effects over and over again.The futuristic looking design was created by Halo 4 developer 343 industries, with the casing actually consisting of clear plastic so you can see all the inner workings of your controller and console. The two wireless controllers also carry blue LED lights and the new rotating d-pad.We expect this bundle to be announced on Saturday at Comic Con during the Halo 4: A new campaign and Halo Infinity multiplayer panel. Apparently, the bundle was listed on the Microsoft Store at $399.99 before it disappeared, so expect to pay $100 more than the standard 250GB hard drive console if you want one.Halo 4 will be released on Xbox 360 only, on November 6.via Allgamesbetalast_img

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