The Yankees Got In Trouble Over A Beer Foam Printer

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Ever wanted to drink the likeness of one of your favorite (or most reviled) Yankee players? Well, now you can, thanks to Beer Ripples.For those of you who may have missed it, Beer Ripples is a printer that can lay out images and text on top of ordinary beer foam. It uses a malt-based ink to make the magic happen. There’s a companion app that lets you upload whatever creation you want to print.Its makers pitch Beer Ripples as a fun way to generate buzz, especially on social networks. Pictures on beer foam, right? It’s pretty cool stuff!AdChoices广告You can now consume @TheJudge44 in beer form. #Yankees— Jeff Eisenband (@JeffEisenband) March 27, 2018At a special event the Yankees held for media types this week, they were serving up frosty drafts with likenesses of the fearsome one-two punch of Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge (with catcher Gary Sanchez and fireball-throwing Aroldis Chapman thrown in for good measure).That’s a pair of the printed beers up top — the effect would’ve been more impressive if the Yankees had used a beer with a denser, more persistent head. But hey, it’s still pretty cool to see an image printed on a beer.Not everybody was so excited about these particular images. The MLB, for example, was actually a little upset about it. Not Goose Gossage “old man swears at cloud” angry. Maybe more “disappointed” that the Yankees hadn’t reached out.It mostly has to do with the players’ union and marketing. Any time a player’s name or face is used on a product, the MLBPA has to get its slice of the pie. Typically, that means things like hats, shirts, and jerseys… but the rules would probably extend to beers, too.Technically, there might not be anything wrong with selling a beer emblazoned with The Judge. You know, apart from drinking someone’s face. To play by the rules, though, the vendor would have to charge more and give the union its cut.Or the Yankees could just cover the difference. I mean, it’s not like they mind throwing money around… and paying for Beer Ripples prints seems a whole lot smarter than paying $21 million for backup center fielder Jacoby Elsbury… Stay on targetlast_img

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