Hefei housing prices again last week record

in the face of soaring prices, is almost a Nitian growth trend, such high prices, why are there so many people to buy, Hefei is really too rich? Last week, Hefei prices are high. The average price of nearly 15 thousand yuan / square meters, 7 days sold 1871 sets. Second-hand housing price reached 17 thousand yuan / square meters high, the district average is 25 thousand yuan / square meters break. Yishoufang, second-hand housing in Hefei city last week listing volume has shrunk significantly, but the listing price is 17209 yuan / square meters to record again.

According to the Hefei real estate Home Furnishing

365 network data, Hefei city last week a total turnover of 1871 sets of commercial housing, the Baohe District 890 sets of transactions leading. Urban 9 regional turnover fell by 17.65%, due to the sharp decline in the volume of the volume of the region in the region, where the decline in more than 5 areas of 60%. But in the shrinking turnover, Hefei urban residential average price last week has shot up to 14490.12 yuan / square meters, up 20.72%. In the 9 areas, in addition to the price of 26183 yuan / square meters hang innovation high, Binhu has become a high-tech alternative price over 20 thousand yuan / square meters area.

Feixi, Changfeng, Feidong three counties on Monday the 760 sets of commercial housing turnover also declined, but the average sales are approaching or exceeding 10 thousand yuan / square meters. Feixi has become the first three counties in a second-hand housing price double broken million yuan in the county, the county is currently the highest price.

Hefei new home prices rose 4.8% mom fell out of the top three cities in the top

in Zhengzhou

National Bureau of statistics released yesterday in August the national 70 large and medium-sized city residential sales price statistics, new commercial housing prices only 4 city decline, Hefei prices rose 4.8%, was out of the top three, second-hand housing prices rose fell out of the top five. Under the pressure of the property market regulation, Zhengzhou August second-hand housing prices both lead the 70 cities.

from the main city house price data, Hefei property market after nearly three quarters of this year’s development, the current average price over 12000 yuan / square meters, is in addition to the first tier and the southeast coast, hot outside the high price city city of Yangtze River delta. This also makes the National Bureau of statistics in Hefei this year, the monthly data, the number of leading or ranked three.

however, in August for the first time in Hefei did not enter the top three, new commercial housing prices rose by 4.8%, the city of the top fourth, the top three cities are Zhengzhou, Shanghai and Wuxi, respectively. Hefei with the location of Nanjing, Hangzhou, in August rose 4.1% QoQ and 3.3%. Year on year, Hefei new commercial housing prices rose 40.5%, second only to Xiamen’s $44.3%. Is not only a commodity residential, second-hand housing in August Hefei chain rose 2.3%, the performance of the general, but it was an increase of the first row of 70 cities in the first 46.9%. After just need to recommend

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