Hot start fast break the slow pace of life in Chengdu

now has become Chengdu teahouse consumption many young people are in the best place for leisure in Chengdu, teahouse is becoming the young people thought the collision, the slow life has been fiery entrepreneurial fast-paced break.

in Chengdu, a new landmark in the center of an office, reception area is arranged into a unique tea room, through the huge French window, the bustling city of Chengdu panoramic view.

"you might think such an environment easy to Yangzunchuyou, but on the contrary, every day I received several call here, busy awfully!" The owner of this office, Hua Sheng, President of large enterprises in the business incubator Du Du told reporters that Chengdu’s entrepreneurial activities are very active, is the fastest pace to follow the trend of Beijing and Shenzhen.

Chengdu relatively idle environment was once considered a lack of performance of the wolf, so that entrepreneurs here is difficult to stand out in the fierce competition in the business. But in the Mike CRM ECO Li Hui seems, tolerance and relaxation is precisely the key elements of Chengdu entrepreneurial atmosphere. "If the business incubator compared to gardening, then most of the seedling stage is the need for nutrient rich, relaxed environment. In Chengdu do not forget the beginning of the heart, the ultimate Polish entrepreneurs."

it is worth noting that the government of Chengdu is trying to make themselves faster. Hong Tai intelligent hardware incubator founder Qiao Huijun cited an example, in September 30, 2015, Chengdu Jinjiang District City, the Secretary of Beijing led to the Hong Tai Hong Thai forum, to finalize the settled intention after leaving the staff have been talking to two in the morning, after just 8 days, the project officially landed in Jinjiang District. "The government attaches great importance to the importance of entrepreneurship and the formation of a great role in promoting."

entrepreneurship is a race, has not run out." This is written in the town of Chengdu, a small town of business incubator, Optics Valley entrepreneurial coffee on the outside wall of a slogan, which has become the consensus of many entrepreneurs in Chengdu.

"it’s not going to be easy, because you can easily be transcended." Chengdu local entrepreneurs who express CEO Xie Qin said that the idea of Chengdu was quickly copied to the North Canton and corner overtaking a lot of things, not only fast, but also to be able to win differentiation.

venture capital is also rapidly converging to Chengdu. "There are so many projects in Chengdu, there are hundreds of items that I have seen." From Beijing to Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Wu Heng, founder of the fund, Chengdu, told reporters that the project is very competitive, from Chengdu to a lot of foreign venture capital, we smell the opportunity in the wave of entrepreneurship in Chengdu.

actually, from February last year, a group called Ching Rong exchange entrepreneurial storm has begun to sweep across Chengdu, this series of entrepreneurial activities promoted by the local government has so far recommended

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