High level talent to Ningbo entrepreneurship and purchase subsidies

in order to attract talent, encourage entrepreneurship, Ningbo, Cixi government is also pretty fight, and they are in the implementation of the policy of talent apartments, and the introduction of a direct subsidy to purchase subsidies. For high-level talent, this is not a small bait oh.

6 20, "Cixi city housing security personnel Interim Measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") will be put into effect, according to the "measures", Cixi will carry out subsidies for high-level talents who meet the conditions of purchase, the maximum amount of 500 thousand yuan subsidy.

"measures", where the introduction of high-level personnel to work in Cixi non-public enterprises, the purchase of the first set of commercial housing in the local in the future, and in accordance with the age, education, work experience (title), social insurance and housing area, did not enjoy the housing reform policy and other conditions, according to the first, second and third talents  , were given a one-time 500 thousand yuan; 200 thousand yuan and 100 thousand yuan purchase subsidies.

6 7, Cixi city human resources and Social Security Bureau personnel development division staff in an interview, the introduction of the three types of high-level personnel, including:

Second: the introduction of talent has full-time doctoral degree or senior personnel, or above the level of the selected Cixi expert with outstanding contribution, Ningbo city "3315 plan" and "Cixi Shanglin excellence program B class and C class leading talents," 151 Talents Project "in the first level training Ningbo city personnel, leading and top-notch talent first level of personnel training in Ningbo, above the level of enterprise technology innovation team leader.

Third: the introduction of talent has full-time postgraduate degree or associate professors (including senior technicians) personnel, or selected provincial "151 talent project" second level of training personnel, Ningbo city leaders and talents second level of training personnel, the first level of Cixi city "115 Talents Project" training of personnel, Cixi City entrepreneurial innovation team leader, Cixi provincial outstanding professional and technical personnel.

with subsidies to buy a house,

shall not be transferred within 5 years

"measures" at the same time, high-level personnel enjoy the purchase subsidy policy on the purchase of housing, shall not be transferred within 5 years, calculating the property restrictions listed transactions period enjoy from the date of purchase subsidy policy. High level personnel enjoy the housing subsidy policy, must continue to work in Cixi non-public enterprises continuously for 5 years, in less than 5 years, according to the actual working time according to the proportion of returned talents of high level grants after the purchase, the purchase of housing free disposal. Recommended

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