Small nternet cafes can also achieve big business

start to open Internet cafes, a lot of people mind that emerges is probably a very large area of Internet cafes, Internet cafes and even current. However, in the entire Internet cafe market, small cafes also have a very large number. However, when it comes to Internet cafes and Internet cafes management, a lot of small Internet cafe owners have such an idea: a small Internet cafes have nothing to do with the management and use of the mind is so much more than a few customers. This idea is completely wrong. Small cafes need to operate and manage, but also very important. If you pay attention to it, it can bring more income to the owners.

is an Internet cafe in Shandong city of Qingdao, named happy bird, this cafe manager is only a more than and 20 year old girl — Ye Haiyan, the cafe she managed only 30 machine small cafe, but she is the very ordinary small Internet business full of sound and colour. The reason is because she attaches great importance to the operation and management of small cafes.

is a single small cafe, in a relatively obvious disadvantage in hardware, but I work hard from the Internet management and software, the stability of the old customers, through the humanized management to make friends with customers, timely organize various activities, the sustainable development of Internet cafes.

1. special needs special treatment

a poor management of the Internet cafes to consider the necessary transformation of the business environment, which will be based on specific inputs to determine, you can divide the existing machine into a remote area, such as video, games, etc.. For different regions of the computer to give the appropriate configuration, and then for a higher demand of customers, a separate allocation of a certain number of high-performance computer.

2. small cafe also pay attention to refine management

small Internet cafes in fact, it is necessary to refine the management, the price should be separated into several levels, in the allocation of personnel on the high fees for the region to have a dedicated service personnel, at any time to meet customer demand.

in pricing arrangement, the regional stalls opened, and want to reflect the service, price and other aspects of the regional average price of Internet reference local execution, while the ordinary chat area than other Internet cafes to maintain the original low price of 0.5 yuan, it has a great impact on the overall profitability will not.

3. allows customers to automatically become members of

The Internet

activities, the implementation of the old customer membership, when a customer in the continuous Internet cafe to reach a certain number of (recording is so, said the Internet is probably the cumulative time, editor’s note), will automatically become a member of the Internet cafes.

members can always enjoy the Internet bar

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