To see how long it takes for entrepreneurs to work a day

a lot of people do poineering work when the boss has a superficial idea, that is, time is more free, want to sleep, want to travel on tourism. Are entrepreneurs really free? Facts have proved that, as an entrepreneur, one day is often not enough time to use, so that those who want to be free because of the time when the boss was crying dizzy.

1.  commuting one-way 1  ~  3 hours, X2

drive? If you want to go to Zhongguancun from Tongzhou…… I wish you happiness。 Welcome to ride a bike 12 kilometers, along the way you can enjoy the super super super Lamborghini, Maserati, Bugatti Veyron pleasure.

2.  basic work   3  ~  5 hours

and all kinds of negotiations, to deal with unexpected problems, which in case of employee stocks on the roof, you don’t CEO to advise you……

3.  financing   1  ~  4 hours

if you have intention to investors, so take time to burnish the business plan? Always can not rely on a PPT venture, right? Are you sure you have to rehearse first?

cold  call does not work? I heard that in addition to the investment agency office, some entrepreneurs have also chosen to direct investors to stop the car. Careful imitation, how to ‘encounter’ investors’ Proposition in the toilet, it is worth writing a plan.

4.  visiting or visiting   2  ~  4 h

to an important customer, see


today and partners have a date, see the


if you in the business street, also have to see what the prime minister.

5.  polishing product & consider marketing   3  ~  5 hours

a qualified CEO with strategic industry liberation tactics.

"users in the end is how to think" it’s not YY>

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