Play creative mind entrepreneurial team to let the mountain pass through the Song Dynasty

hand brush head, creativity, and application of history and culture, can make Steamed Buns mountain through the back of the Song Dynasty, the establishment of a beautiful career, helping the village people achieve wealth income. Such a vibrant entrepreneurial team really amazing.

startup: sing cultural and creative Co. Ltd.

start time: 1 years

germination of a project of creative

The team name is

"the initiation of the idea is due to their interest in the culture of the Southern Song Dynasty, at the same time to help the Steamed Buns mountain community residents." Hu Danni said. A chance. She came to Steamed Buns mountain, found here is an old community in Hangzhou, where is the Southern Song Dynasty imperial ruins. At that time, I visited the bun Hill Community of all poor households, found that some of the elderly left behind, leading five hundred or six hundred yuan per month living expenses.

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