Taobao to sell what is better to choose how to choose products

to see a special festival, Taobao created by the high sales, so many people heart, and then want to open a Taobao shop. However, there are 6 million sellers on Taobao, they sell all kinds of things, what kind of weird things you can find in Taobao, is basically a piece of the Red Sea, almost every kind of products will have more than 100 stores in the sale, there are 100 pages, you can see the baby. Still has to Taobao for small sellers the first thing you need is to think of what you have, you can buy what you sell, why can things inside do not just find talent shows itself, all products are plunged into the nude, then gray pulled out.

choose to sell, is the premise and guarantee of all work, is the most important thing, otherwise it is a flower in the mirror in the water, the monkeys fishing for the moon, all in vain, remember, in not to do the things, you don’t even have to go to the Taobao platform for open shop, is useless.

products first is to choose the category, you are ready to sell what kind of products, such as clothing, household appliances or digital, more vertical as possible, you have to sell all products can be subdivided into the same category of Taobao three or four small categories, such as you say what a brain meter is your current supply, good products can be sold to the conditions of bunaowan pill ", according to the characteristics of the product should be classified as" health food / dietary supplements "dietary supplements" / "collagen protein amino acid protein" of the four categories below, your future when do marketing should focus on health food especially the health food of collagen vertical depth marketing, so that you will be more concentrated energy, Taobao store category assessment will be more concentrated.


do not have to sell, not only sell baby diapers sold the old man’s jacket, take vigorous bunaowan pill, category dispersion, facing the crowd dispersed, decentralized marketing channels, eventually became a grocery store, product type and price chaos may lead to Taobao do not know what should make a label for you the shop and your products, you do not know what to guide users to your shop to do, only random allocation, there may be low consumer to shop you can not afford to buy or trouble, high consumption users to see on your store. If so, you should go to your house downstairs to open a 5 yuan shop, which is more suitable for you.

choose which direction you want to run the product that is to choose the category, the next is the specific product to do what is good. At the beginning, it is best to push the 1 main products, the 1 auxiliary push products, 2-3 with the product, which has a lot of.

experts say, you have many products on the flow The more, the better., ah. Best not to, one is your energy can not attend to, one is now Taobao marketing trend has been slow to sell from a single product explosion

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