Chen Xiaowen’s business secrets

business is hot, some people even if the price is not expensive, but there is no customer, which is the difference in business, will form such a difference, naturally accumulated in peacetime. In Guangdong, Nanhai District, Foshan cloth comprehensive wholesale market, there is a shop called Wen Xin Department store, the store looks ordinary, but the name of the cigarette business is outside. Shop called Chen Xiaowen, called "Wen ge".

5 29 in the morning, we’re not met up on the blackout when visiting, for this reason, it is not the store slightly dim, but in our short visit time, is still in a continuous line of consumer home, of which at least 30% of consumers buy a cigarette. "What is the secret, are done by bit by bit." When asked about the "business secrets", Chen Xiaowen said with a smile.

"the first thing I did not sell a pack of cigarettes here." Chen Xiaowen said. From the opening of new stores to the market, Chen Xiaowen has been in the business for nearly 10 years. He believes that doing business to conscience, credibility, to win the trust of consumers, especially the goods sold in a pack of cigarettes, cigarettes may hit a shop sign.

"I just want to let you know, can’t buy cigarettes in my shop. It is with such a credit guarantee, and now there are a lot of customers would prefer to take a few more steps to buy cigarettes here." Chen Xiaowen admitted that he also encountered someone to sell the so-called cheap cigarettes, but he was mercilessly shut. "But it is related to my reputation, ah, do business, of course, a long-term vision, not for the sake of a small profit on the credibility of the lost."

Wen Xin Department Store cloth wholesale market is an important local business district, the rent is not a small number of small shops. Chen Xiaowen chose to make this here, a cloth consumer consumption ability is low, two here is the customers all over the country to gather in the local logistics is quite developed, a customer has obvious diversification. Chen Xiaowen quite informed us that this is a great opportunity, summed up as one of the two new recommendation of the whole three".

"all" refers to the store’s cigarette brand specifications to the full. "Tobacco companies some cigarette specifications, I can find here." Chen Xiaowen said proudly. Always on the move as long as consumers into the store, there is always a right for him. "New" refers to the newly listed products, will be found here.

is the new "must be the first time listed, so that one can make consumers feel fresh, be professional, more important is a new product are likely to attract new consumer groups, these are the opportunities!" Chen Xiaowen gave us a detailed analysis of the road.

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