Do business also need to do some reasonable business losses

said that businessmen are thinking of profit, want to let them do some money trading, it is very difficult thing. However, Xiao Bian here may wish to emphasize that the shop to do business, many times it may be appropriate to do some money trading, which will be of considerable help for the development of the store business.

to do business particularly in the retail business, because there are some goods shelf-life restrictions, can not guarantee that all in the short shelf life, which means that retail stores often have some advent goods can hardly be avoided. If retailers wholeheartedly adhere to the original price to sell their own money to make a point can not be less. Then some goods can only be estimated to expire when the waste disposal, so that the loss of our big.

in fact for the advent of commodities especially food retailers, through proper trading losses as large as possible, to reduce their loss; and for some large customers, spending them a lot, then we can give them to retailers if appropriate concessions, I think this will help to further stabilize the customers. A long-term customer, to facilitate their business development.

five lingshouhu Miao Xiang Chen Jinping said: "in the past the shop, because of the lack of correct understanding, they are not very will deal with the advent of goods, at that time I thought only of these commodities is to earn a lot of points. So because of their persistence, finally caused the advent goods into the expired goods, only do waste disposal, which caused some damage to yourself.

then I changed the practice, often check the goods store, the short shelf life of Advent goods, quickly hit advertising, price or buy a gift of a way to lose money, so good to attract some customers, to restore a certain economic losses to themselves, to do good. That is to say, when we retail business in the usual business, to stand tall and far, do not just look at the immediate interests, to look at the issue from a long-term point of view, and sometimes even a loss trading. But in a loss but poly is satisfied that a lot of popularity, draw a lot of customers, to other business."

said that although the price of these goods is to compensate the owner, however, after these deals done, but you can make the store more gathering popularity, this long-term store is very favorable. Therefore, the shop to do business, you can do a proper amount of loss trading, which can help operators to create a higher profit margin.

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