Shangrao credit card total increase net

now, more and more people with credit cards, in fact, young people have a certain dependence on credit cards. ICBC Shangrao branch of innovative products, improve services, and vigorously develop the credit card business, and actively improve people’s livelihood, promote public consumption, promote economic development, and achieved remarkable results.

it is understood that the bank relies on product innovation and brand services to government agencies and financial institutions to promote customer "business card"; to often go abroad, travel and study customer referrals "global travel card" and "Diners Club" and "long Lonka" and "JCB travel credit card and airline joint credit card; to young customers, a mobile phone marketing mobile phone credit card; the car owners recommend" Jiangxi card ", flexible use of various features to meet different customer needs, guide the customer experience of modern financial services.

2016, the bank actively adapt to market changes, seize the opportunity to strengthen the reform of the bus, the domestic automobile brand dealers, for civil servants and staff of nine industry tailored car hire business; seize the residents of domestic and foreign tourism boom, with the head office of "love purchase global promotion, vigorously develop the business consumer installment business.

with a credit card, people can not because of temporary funds are not in place, and with a good thing. Residents to improve the frequency of use of credit cards, credit cards and into people’s lives. Shangrao industrial and Commercial Bank of China in 2016 total credit card spending 8 billion yuan mark, representing a net increase of nearly $one billion over the same period last year, an increase of more than 13%.

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