Gifts to make customers feel affordable

there are a lot of shops all know the importance of gifts gifts, however, although the importance of is known, but in the present time but can not let customers feel the real benefits, and how such gifts play a role? In short, the shop to do business, rely on to achieve long-term interests, as a retail Household we can not rely on to deal with trouble, coax cheat to treat every customer.

in recent years, more and more difficult to do business, there are many stores, stores, businesses are more, there are many businesses, for their own products quickly into the market, their brains, made a series of new measures, some businesses to engage in some small gifts at all costs. Such as: buy a toothbrush to buy pot Cup, send towel, buy cigarettes lighters and so on. What they are doing, in order to maximize the benefits of our retail customers to buy their goods. In this way, we will be more retail retailers to promote their products. As a retail household, we face the customer should also allow customers to get tangible benefits, so as to maintain a good shop customers.

because the source is the prerequisite for the survival and development of the store, as a retail consumer friendly hospitality is essential to me. Business is hot hundred-percent to provide exquisite gifts for US retailers, no doubt is to sell their products, they are equipped with gifts for US retailers is a good thing for us is a win-win good cooperation, we took the manufacturers to provide gifts against satisfied customers, on the other hand by we also gifts with customers to establish friendly relations of cooperation.

in November this year, there is a production of red wine manufacturers, in order to make the production of their own wine recognized among consumers, they are equipped with a lot of gifts, buy a send a 4 electric kettle, sent by a space, 6 days to send a senior thermal blanket. We have many retailers around the manufacturers to send gifts are secretly left, according to the purchase price and the wine sales, retailers to give people gifts you for cheaper gifts to customers. I feel like this is a bit too much, the customer is not a fool, each time they buy back to the goods and the surrounding neighbors are compared with each other, there is no air wall, over time will lose a large number of tourists.

as a shopkeeper, in order to make new products sold in their own stores, customers must be able to feel the benefits will be purchased, so we have to get the maximum benefit from. Gifts are implemented, we will sell more goods, sell more profits will be improved, so that the one hundred times more expensive than a strong left behind.

last year, I participated in various activities organized by the Yellow Crane Tower, I put the Yellow Crane Tower group to send me a new store in Yellow Crane Tower, and there are a lot of customers give cigarette collocation, hurtle my bundle of exquisite small holder to buy new cigarette, there are some small tin throat chewing gum, I also and the Yellow Crane Tower cigarette take the gift sales, so a >

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