Channel network work together to create a chain of integrity investment circles

investment industry has been to strengthen the integrity of the problem, there are a lot of criticism. Channel network in the field of investment for many years, well versed in the drawbacks of such industries to customers, has been focused on the development of the industry, concerned about the growth of investors. In order to guide the healthy and sustainable development of the industry, to protect the interests of more investors, the channel network will work together with the chain to create a good faith investment circle.

1 6 in the morning, Ms. Wang Hui, vice president of the channel network channel network institute Lu crystal, Liang Na and Guangzhou District, ask the Mdt InfoTech Ltd chairman Rui senior expert Chen Yingchun, Shaoxing Green Tea Catering Management Co. Ltd. Shandong management center CEO Feng Jianhua, on how to build the integrity of business circle makes a deep discussion.

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engaged in investment and entrepreneurship is a difficult journey, it is difficult to succeed. Entrepreneurs need to learn with the help of external forces, in such a double era, with policy support and channel network government help, will gains great achievement.

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