Cloud potatoes joined in support

a potato show will have to let you marvel at the great wisdom of human beings, amazing human diet wisdom let you admire. Food has always been an important element in people’s lives, food without borders, closer to the distance of the world, it allows us to experience from around the world environment, customs, cultural beliefs and customs. Potato is an international delicacy, global potato is a member of the army of a delicacy, potato, variety of practices, a variety of flavor, taste a variety, its green, health and nutrition characteristics by the majority of consumers.

longrun Group founder Mr. Jiao Jialiang, created the "Five Dragon Group" series: panlongyunhai group, longrun group, long star group, the ideal group, Hongkong longrun tea group. All the innovation and R & D strength of the group to the cloud potatoes tilt, to ensure that the seasonal characteristics of potato snacks should be updated, cloud potatoes, so that your business year without off-season.

cloud is Chinese and Western potatoes potato snack chain brand, since 2008 the longrun group to create a series of cloud projects, as the favorite people in the world have become international delicacy, potato group gold project, using its global system for potato delicacy around the world. Through years of continuous product research and development, to create the country’s 2016 hot potato food chain brand.

cloud potatoes join support:

support: give the first batch of equipment and raw materials unified supply shop.

The opening of

support: comes with 3000 big gift shop shop.

support: three days of free professional support.

training support: ingredients and products produced in detail the course, there are any problems in the operating process, cloud potato snacks will be for you to answer in detail.

advertising support: to provide a unified holiday promotion advertising program, set customer programs and dynamic marketing program.

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