Entrepreneurs can not make some big mistakes

want to start more and more friends, want to be the boss, but as entrepreneurs, you should pay attention to some of the things you know, and the following Xiaobian to look at it!

A, buddy type partnership, enemy type disband

The most common mode of

two, the blind worship of social relations

The relationship between

three, superstition "airborne"

said "monk chanting". The correct approach should be: do not have "airborne", can not be indiscriminate use of "airborne", can not be used "airborne"". In this regard, Chinese enterprises have learned too much, but there will always be someone who can not help but make a mistake: to give up the side of the talent, the master of the distant superstition.

corporate cronyism

A on the controller, rather than rely on the system control Chinese organization. Originated from the tradition of the peasants, the current commercial society, which is more and more popular in the crisis of trust, is the main bottleneck of the Chinese enterprises which take the emotion as the link.

five, face the problem lead to "What I say goes."

face is: I have it, but the whole world knows; truth is that this direction is a tortuous and probably this way. Face to face the boss said: fuck on so, who does not perform who finishes class, play also want to play in the end.

commercial superstition


seven, but without knowing

eight, habitual lack of credit

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