Entrepreneurship may wish to consider these issues

entrepreneurship is not easy, on this point, I believe that many people know. If you are not ready to rush to start a business, it is certainly not a good outcome. Therefore, before starting a business, we should seriously think about, repeated assessment, consider mature action. In addition to adequate resource preparation, psychological preparation is the most important. The following aspects of the problem, it is worth thinking about.

first, why should I start a business? Is there enough determination and willingness to take risks? The past is willing to give up the benefits?

second, I have the ability and quality of entrepreneurs should be able to withstand setbacks, whether with a comprehensive quality, or a special technical expertise?

third, what is the core resource advantage of my entrepreneurial success? I have the conditions are: adequate capital? Industry experience? Customer resources? Technological innovation? Commercial operation ability? Is there an obvious advantage compared to the competitors to be faced?

fourth, if there is enough patience and endurance through the consumption of entrepreneurship, it is estimated how long through the entrepreneurial bottleneck stage, how long they have to prepare.

fifth, what is the biggest venture, what is the worst outcome, I can bear? Do not just think of optimism on the one hand, the risk must have adequate psychological preparation, otherwise, the reality of the situation and the imagination is not the same, will cause confidence shaken.

may wish to consider these issues before starting, think about the purpose of their own business, whether they have the ability to start, what kind of core resources, and there is not enough patience to start a business. Only know how to get on the road!

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