Do business in order to guard against the thief for the shop


the thief to his shop for the lock, it sounds feel unbelievable things, but often can happen in reality. My shop is located in urban and rural areas, the surrounding public security is not good, into the shop Miscellaneous people. Shop stolen the previous year, the loss of three thousand yuan stolen cigarettes. I promptly replace the door lock, keep the shop every night, since then no accidents.

this fall, one night, because the home of something, I was lucky, there is no shop, as a result, the store was a thief patronize, a dozen high-grade cigarettes were missing, the value of more than 2000 yuan. I looked at the windows and doors, the roof, there is no trace of destruction, I wonder: is the thief in the door to come in?

a month later, the public security organs in the trial of a theft gang, out of my shop. The police took the thief to identify the scene, my heart only unlock the mystery: originally, rogues in my store premeditated. First of all, in my negligence case, with a same lock stole my store lock, to deceive the public "," substitution "objective. Then, with my quick lock with a key lock, then my good". Because the lock deft hands and feet, I didn’t find any day.

thieves have the keys, in my store around the months of waiting, opportunistic crime. That night, he saw no one in my shop, opened the door with the key, the implementation of theft.

this thing thanks to the public security organs to solve the case, in exchange for my economic losses. At the same time, it also gave me a profound lesson. This year, I shop installed the gate and electronic monitoring, improve the security level, but also with the family "pledge", in the future no matter what the important and urgent things, the night must keep the shop shop, shop to ensure safety.

the "lock" seem clever, "work" done "a seamless heavenly robe". But the analysis of the reasons for the loophole, the problem lies in the owner. If the owner usually pay attention to small problems, develop good security habits, how can the door lock by the thief secretly with the keys?

security is not a trivial matter, a careless, it is possible to let the thieves seize the opportunity, thereby affecting the operation of the store. So, Xiao Bian here warned retail friends: security is no small matter, any small negligence, it is possible to bury unsafe hidden dangers. Only active prevention, pay close attention to the implementation, in order to ensure the safe operation of the store accident.

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