Selling off luosifen joining fee

remember when bare feet under the river looking for snail? To find a certain component after dinner there will be a delicious fried snail, it is our childhood mother familiar taste, a bowl of snail bearing is our childhood memories of life today, the light of heart from care, although we can not eat a snail, but luosifen can arouse feelings of our tongue taste buds the.

is the Guangxi Liuzhou city luosifen snack Rice noodles, has a unique flavor, spicy, fresh, cool, hot acid. Luosifen delicious but also because it has a unique soup. The soup by snail meat, galangal, clove, cinnamon, aniseed, pepper, etc. a variety of natural spices and flavoring prepared.

has been selling off luosifen many consumers trusted brand reputation. Many people have been selling off by luosifen joined the harvest huge wealth, do you want to join a successful team? And to want to join the hot luosifen guest entrepreneurs, clear hot off luosifen join in to how much money is in his early must do. Hot off luosifen join need cost more than 130 thousand and 700 yuan. A detailed analysis of costs related to selling off luosifen to how much money, Xiao Bian has been analyzed in the following for you.

capital is very important, so it is very necessary to understand the use of funds, so that we can understand with hot luosifen join guest how much money, this is good for you harmless. So small details make guest luosifen join to form hot money, may wish to look at.

hot guest luosifen jiamengfei analysis:

stores     shop area; the cost of rent             the cost of equipment; raw materials           opening costs; utilities           liquidity; the total investment cost of

The flagship of

        100 square meters; 20 thousand yuan / month;               45 thousand yuan; 20 thousand yuan                   12 thousand yuan; 1500 yuan / month & nbsp;   80 thousand yuan     > 282 thousand and 500;

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