Hangzhou writer Feng Tang speech learning and entrepreneurship topic

entrepreneurial success, and entrepreneurs are closely related to the attitude of life, so there is a saying that good start to learn to be a man". Famous writer Feng Tang talked about the relationship between entrepreneurship and life in a lecture.

and reading "reading it will be" a series of activities held in Hangzhou on 24 May, the famous writer Chinese Feng Tang brought "learning and entrepreneurship lectures for the live audience.

Feng Tang, China well-known writer, because "all growth Trilogy" and was well known to readers, his works have been listed. The language of the novel is fresh, skillful, by a group of young writers and intellectuals alike, have evaluated Feng Tang contemporary literary circles in the "heterogeneous" many people in his works are often in a full oral material in the narrative, in a soft rap given to enrich writing chatter without stop a.

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