A wedding division 500 U S dollars to open their extraordinary entrepreneurial path

80 after the peak of the marriage hit, the girls are custom wedding time came. Today, the wedding shop business fire, and a Chinese wedding division in the United States early start their own business plan and a great success.

"I 1974 immigration, rent the basement, see a small television, to find a job on Chinatown, ran two street nobody wanted to hire me," because I don’t speak Chinese ‘. "In the past, she laughed. Then believed Chinese is only Cantonese, Mandarin speaking people even friends, make to.

in downtown Vancouver the best area, four were classified as hundred years of house sites, which is full of every kind of texture wedding dress blue cottage, is a modern Cinderella Song Yanhua wrote a personal legend from the castle. China Taiwan beautiful woman, then only $500 to Canada into the world, now full dress the design community, is a former mingpindian "Eaton" touted s master.

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