12th Five Year Tianjin issued 1 billion 154 million yuan venture loans

Tianjin entrepreneurial development is rapid, in 2015 achieved a number of results. At the dawn of 13th Five-Year, during the us back in 12th Five-Year, in five years, Tianjin issued 1 billion 154 million loan to help 100 thousand people in employment and entrepreneurship.

the guarantee fund 150 million yuan from the end of 2012, increased to 227 million yuan by the end of 2015, the guarantee ability greatly enhanced. 12th Five-Year period, the city’s total of 100 thousand people to support entrepreneurship, driven by the employment of 300 thousand people, in the stable employment situation, expanding the size of employment, optimizing the employment structure has played an important role.

Human resources and Social Security Bureau

2016 year and strive to issue 400 million yuan of business guarantee loans to promote more successful business.

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