2016 small business can do what business

entrepreneurship is the need for cost, however, different investors, the cost is naturally large and small. For more entrepreneurs who are looking for small business opportunities. So, in 2016 small business can do business? And let Xiaobian for your simple analysis.

1.2016 small business can do what business? Now a lot of people have a large number of large clothing, luxury clothing and bedding, washing is very convenient, and therefore, the market is very wide. Can open a dry cleaning shop in a densely populated area. Avoid competition and choose the right location.

2.2016 small business can do what business? For the stall, but also seasonal operation. The cold winter business items, can consider selling warm warm underwear, socks, gloves, earmuffs, scarves, hats, slippers, hot water bag, hand warmer, foot warmers, insulation Cup, thermal insulation tableware, water heater, windshield glasses, etc.. Summer watermelon, fruit, herbal tea, etc.. At the end of the year to sell special purchases for the Spring Festival.

3.2016 small business can do what business? Hunger breeds discontentment, small businesses can start in the diet. Like breakfast, snacks, barbecue, Corn Cob, roasted sweet potatoes, pancakes, steamed buns, steamed bread, boiled eggs, Steamed Buns, Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, dumplings, etc., do not open what restaurant, a cart will fix, medium and small city and towns, schools, factories and the night market downtown section can do. This small business, the profit margin is relatively high, it is relatively hard, but also may face urban management.

4.2016 small business can do what business? In some schools, units and intensive areas, you can open a copy typing and Digital Printing stores, but also the way to sell some office supplies, if there can also repair proficiency in a particular line, such as a printer.

5.2016 small business can do what business? If you can open a master technology, chip level maintenance shop, special repair all kinds of digital camera, notebook computer, this is to make money, the general computer repair shop can provide chip level maintenance, many small city can not even find the chip level maintenance.

6.2016 small business can do what business? If it is in the school district, such as the University City, then consider making money for girls and students, a variety of stationery stores, milk tea, cold drinks, barbecue, jewelry and cosmetics, perfume, printing, copying, etc..


2016 small business can do what business? No matter what business, there are risks. Not only do not lose business. The key to doing business is to choose a good project. The most important thing to do business for the project, but also have vision, can see far, see others can not see the market prospects. < recommended

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