Fashion jewelry store to win from the details

when people buy jewelry you will look for the strength of the big brands, so more inclined to the jewelry store to the consumer, would like to open a jewelry store to start a business, how to store area to save the high popularity?

location identified following object. To enter an area before the first investigation of the regional competitors, and select the location and you close and successful in. The following objects can be many. Because the location of any competitor is limited, it is impossible to cover all the appropriate values. Facing the crowd, the consumption ability is different.

selection in high school, the University near the school, then the consumer is probably around 150-300, the population is mainly students; choose the mall downtown commercial street, the consumption in consumption ranging from 80-1000 yuan, in the face of the elderly and children are urban white-collar crowd Master etc.. Relative to the school, shopping malls and Commercial Street more social, but the competitive pressure is also large. Consumers choose a variety of brands.




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