Because love snack inn operating profit analysis

there are a lot of investors will ask such a question, that is: leisure food market prospects. For this problem, Xiao Bian would like to use the following figures to answer you.

2007 Chinese the leisure food sales of about 100000000000, will become a blowout of the gold, to 2018 will reach 480 billion, leisure food retail industry with its characteristics of high value, high speed, high profit is bound to set off a new round of investment boom, Chinese leisure food monopoly form will inevitably become the future development potential of ten years the gold industry.

snack food to join the project which is better? Xiaobian to recommend you for love snack inn

Hubei one hundred million shares of Food Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development of green food, food safety, food and beverage characteristics of leisure food research. Because of the taste of love, is based on the traditional food mining, sorting, inheritance, carry forward and create a brand new. Through the process of refining and sublimation of grains and cereals, a new series of snack foods.

because of love, a commitment to the pursuit of fashion taste, nutrition and health, differentiated marketing, leading consumer brands of chain of snack foods, with healthy snacks as the core ideas, the introduction of domestic and foreign characteristics of local snacks, specialty snacks, and formed a new industry model, fully meet the market demand, a strong impetus for the growth of the brand, because love won the majority of entrepreneurs and consumers.

love snacks Inn operating profit analysis:

with a 20 square meters of shops as an example


headquarters to the franchisee to supply thirty percent off by three, the profit for the turnover of 30-70 percent, a large profit margins.

below the general operating performance indicators:

monthly turnover: according to the general situation, 3000 yuan / day × 30 days =90000 yuan

gross profit: according to the gross margin of 50%, the monthly gross profit is: 90000× 50%=45000 yuan

monthly fee: facade rent, staff salaries, taxes, promotional activities and other expenses of 10000 yuan

month net profit 45000-10000=35000 yuan

: 35000×

net profit 12=420000 yuan

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