A shop to be able to retain all types of customer

for the store, if there is no way to retain customers, which will undoubtedly become a big problem for the operation of the store. In fact, consumer behavior has a certain repeatability and periodicity, which for retail businesses, the size and loyalty of the consumer groups is the most critical task. Almost all consumers can be divided into two kinds, that is, targeted customers and mobile customers.

targeted customers are fixed in a store consumption, the recognition of the shop has a high degree of loyalty, the consumer groups in the consumption process is usually not more than a comparison between the selection. They generally have more than 3 times after the consumer experience to make a choice, and the final choice of the store has a high degree of satisfaction, the choice of their own conviction. This kind of customer is also known as loyal customers, loyal customers are mostly middle-aged and old customers, because of their rich consumer experience, and its mature and stable personality also led to such customers generally not easy to drain.

mobile customers because the next place of consumption has not been determined, they are for the new customers when the consumption concept and there is no experience, or is not satisfied to have to provide products and services to the shops and old customers, or that the previous consumption sloppy, comparison is not sufficient. This is usually a young customer or a passing consumer, the number of consumption is less, or the consumer experience is not enough, its sensibility, forthright personality makes the business of such customers, easy to attack difficult to defend".

for a store, the reason for the flow of customers is the lack of consumer recognition of certain aspects of the consumer process. Many of the selected objects market is the most difficult for consumers to choose, consumers free among the many stores, if timely to build their own core competitiveness of the failed might be "drowned" in this pile of hands, this is the root to talent shows itself, the flow of consumers.

if you want to seize the customer, the shop itself naturally need to have certain characteristics, so as to be able to attract customers. In short, those unique, distinctive personality, attach importance to the mobile retail customers are more likely to catch the customers, they can provide unique value and consumer advocate, let consumers clear judgment, once the customer identification, customer loyalty is naturally high.

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