How to do business work shop battle

shop just do business around the people, although the profit is not large, but there is no competition, the business is generally too. However, with the opening of the major business super, store business is more and more difficult to do. Recently, Hubei City, Yidu retail business Liu Xuehua is very worried about their own small grocery store, met the history of the first big crisis – a large supermarket opened in the vicinity. Looking at the supermarket coming and going a prosperous scene, look at their own shop in front of the cold, Liu boss can not help but worry.

Liu boss will inform the customer manager holes, hope she can give me some advice. Small compared to the supermarket and grocery store boss Liu Liu recommended the advantages and disadvantages of the boss fight card, live cell neighbors, and puts forward three "to the road".

first, to carry out door-to-door business. Issuing leaflets to the surrounding community home delivery business, play the convenience of fame. And the development of door-to-door delivery system, according to the location of the distance, the provisions of delivery time and delivery requirements, to create a convenient, accurate, honest store service image.

second, to carry out monthly cigarette brand promotion activities. Open a space in front of the store as a customer cigarette smoking products, both the effectiveness of publicity. At the same time, the establishment of a propaganda board, stated: a time to buy a certain brand of cigarettes, there will be a good gift to send. In this way, customers will be attracted by, and in the purchase of cigarettes at the same time, will also pick up other items.

third, set up a service box. Open the door to do business, it is inevitable that there will be less or do not think about the place. You can set up a service box at the door of the store, if the customer has opinions or suggestions to reflect, you can write down into the service box. In this way, we can continue to improve the service level of the store.

shop business is now difficult to do, if it remains unchanged, no doubt can only fail, so if you want to get development in the new era, it is necessary to carry out reform and innovation. Therefore, Liu boss very much agree with the proposal of the small hole, immediately began to take action, the first to carry out the takeaway delivery business. After a period of hard work, his shop business really has improved, the first victory, Liu boss is about to start the implementation of the other two recommendations.

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