Ge Zhuang methods imported wine brand leader

we all know, with poetry that wine tasting, with emotional sustenance, that is frustrated. A saying that wine is good stuff, you can drink. However, Jiejiuxiaochou worry more worry ah! How about GE Zhuang wine import orders? Featured brand wine. Small business franchisees choose to join the French Chateau Ge imported wine? The best choice to be trusted!

according to statistics, China’s current Wine consumption has reached 105 liters / year, Wine consumption growth rate reached 27.63%, while the liquor consumption growth also reached 27.2%, as in Asia, the first country Wine liquor consumption. As China’s current wine cut import tariffs, including overseas Wine bottling has been reduced from 43% to 14%, with further international wine than focusing Chinese, promote the Chinese Wine market started the pace of development, promote the process of China Wine from qualitative change driven by new change.

in the big situation, there will be a big move! The relationship between GE Zhuang by experience and contacts its favorable conditions and accumulated over the years, promoted the rapid development of enterprises, especially the franchising business model, it is got most of the wine market for enterprises. More recently was named the most outstanding franchisee franchise enterprises, y proved by GE Zhuang team is worth the effort.

small venture to choose a good project to join, is the first step in the success of entrepreneurship. Join Ge Zhuang Fabry imported wine? The best choice to be trusted. If you to join Ge Zhuang methods imported wine project, is also very exciting. Come and leave a message!

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