My OK good burger joined market opportunities

today’s Hamburg to join the project, the hot market, the popular joining the project. For small businesses to join the business, is a very choice of business opportunities. How about OK burger? Delicious, with the characteristics of the brand to join the project. If you are also very exciting. Act up!

passion OK hamburger restaurant environment blend modern restaurant design concept, unique fashion elements and modern flavor. The image of door using plastic technology the most fashion, strong sense of the whole, highly visual impact, can let the passer notice, and into the store consumption. The shop stores the overall image with high transparency principle. The internal color Nuanshaidiao express a warm atmosphere of dining. POP posters, wall paintings and decorations, unified style, showing the restaurant arranged in good order. The layout of children’s area is mainly characterized by lively and colorful. Elegant decoration, soft music, clean rooms, attentive service, rich forms of promotion to meet the consumer demand for the brand, fashion, family and other aspects, both noble and elegant style shop or warm service standards, our OK has become China fast food industry benchmark.

one of the most important magic weapon to win OK Hamburg is to achieve a fast food standardization. OK is our standardization standardization system of raw material procurement, production, logistics, processing equipment, cooking staff operating standard five, application of the whole system, simplify management, shorten production cycle, improve food quality and reduce the manpower and capital consumption, improve economic efficiency and other aspects of a significant role. My OK standard management manual, refined to each operation step, automation control produced "the second" formula, the material weighing to the "g", a variety of Chinese and western festival promotion is accurate to "hour", hanging inside and outside the store billboards to "cm" shop thermostatic control "", the light brightness control "Le", stereo surround sound system to control the "DB", "automatic checkout system account," precise "points", "time" to control the staff wages, employee action to quantify the "road", cost and profit rate to a decimal point, food safety and sanitation and other jobs job responsibility to "people", "to ensure special cleaning shop, not clean time control whenever and wherever possible" to "


has the charm of the brand to choose the OK burger to join the project, is very wise, very advantageous choice is not it? Three meals a day, you can choose to love OK burger? Healthy and delicious, the best choice to be trusted. If you join the passion for OK Hamburg project is also very exciting. Why hesitate?

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