Sushi stores are considered standard profit net

The emergence of

business is always a bit of profit, through a certain means of business for their own due commercial profits. Of course, no matter what business, must have a profit to operate. Of course, sushi is also like this, as a manager, you have to understand some profit considerations. These profit assessment thinking and standards can help you better profitability, below I explain to you for a business operator must understand the profit considerations.

What are the criteria for

sushi store profit considerations?

a business plan to start from the set profit

it is generally accepted that the cost of a business is the profit, but in fact it is the result of the theory of profit, and is not a business. Some people think that the turnover minus profit is equal to cost expenditure, which is more than a profit on the front view, but because it is by controlling the cost of spending to increase profits, so there will be a profit, but not for a long time. Because the purpose of cost expenditure is to increase turnover. The excessive cost containment, but will reduce turnover. A low cost of turnover and cut costs, they fall into a lower turnover, and then cut the cost of spending led to lower turnover, and finally fell into a vicious circle of more cost cuts again.

so we have to establish a correct view of profit, so what is the correct view of profit? The answer is that the cost of profit plus cost is equal to the turnover, so business planning to start from the set profit.

two, how to calculate the amount of profit

mentioned above, the purpose is to improve the cost of turnover by necessary profits and unnecessary cost, calculate the necessary turnover (target turnover), to formulate strategies to achieve objectives, is the real business. But business is not simply a manufacturing profit. Assuming revenue and expenditure two flat, still can continue to operate, but if the sudden loss of income, it may be a loss. In order to avoid a sudden situation, it is best to ensure that profits accounted for about 10% of turnover. Want to ensure the profit, it is necessary to improve the turnover, sushi store turnover is equal to the number of customers multiplied by the unit price. The number of customers is how many customers come, the customer price is the average amount of consumption of a single customer, turnover is not equal to profit. Turnover also deduct the cost of materials, personnel, rent, utilities and other expenses, to get the amount of profit.

three, FL cost will be about profit

FL cost is a unique indicator of the catering industry, F (Food= material cost) +L (Labour= personnel costs) cost. If this part can not be controlled within 60% of the total cost, it is impossible to create profits. < >

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