A public officer in Linyi City usury video circulated on the nternet nternet

recently in Linyi, people are aware of the real name of public officials to report the loan on the Internet, causing users to discuss. Claiming to be a person of Shandong Linyi Liu Jiang said, Shandong Province, the economic development zone of public officials usury, her own long source Asset Management Co was caught in a loan dispute.

400 3 months out of 3 million 110 thousand million of principal interest "and" public officials to collect usury and receive business owners business banquets, recently, Ms. Liu Jianghan Shandong Linyi, released a period of up to 6 minutes of video , local officials real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing usury, things turned out to be a cause of seemingly ordinary mutual loan contract.

Liu Jiang Hanzai told reporters by telephone, mutual guarantee association of small and medium sized enterprises in July 2015 in Linyi Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as the mutual guarantee association) to Linyi Shengyuan plastic industry company borrowed 5 million, and let Liu Jianghan become the source for the Asset Management Co funds supervision, the three parties also signed a mutual loan contract.

Liu Jianghan thought his company as the contract Party C, only to fulfill regulatory obligations. Until she got a court summons, the borrower is unable to repay the money after his company as a loan company sponsor, has for the bear the more than 500 yuan of debt, and is a civil lawsuit that lenders: mutual guarantee association.

this video sent to the Internet, the attention of the people of Linyi. The victim said: because the other party set trap contract, so that they can not carey view the relevant content, so it is not only become a regulator has become a guarantor". "In July 22, 2015 (signed a loan contract), when the contract is only one of them.

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