Eight key work to benefit people’s livelihood

February 11th, the province’s educational work conference held. Governor Hao Peng made important instructions on education work: "for the current meter, for long-term. The relevant departments at all levels of government and education to further enhance their understanding, to give priority to the development of education in a more prominent strategic position, strong foundation, improve the weak, efforts to expand the coverage of pre-school education, consolidate and improve the ‘two’ achievements, and actively promote the reform of the examination enrollment system, accelerate the construction of modern occupation education system, promote the transformation and development. To strengthen the quality of personnel training, solid work, forge ahead, to accelerate the modernization of education, and strive to improve the quality of the population, let the children get more opportunities to change the fate of." Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Ma Shunqing speech at the general assembly and the 8 aspects of the province’s education in 2015 focused on the deployment of the work of the top three.
[] kindergarten crunch remains a serious problem in our province has formed in the public kindergarten as the main body, the public and private kindergarten common development of preschool education pattern. However, as an important part of the national education system, preschool education is still a weak link in the province’s education, and is facing many difficulties and problems. Currently, the province is still more than 50 thousand preschool children can not be admitted into the park, the problem is still difficult to park. The province’s preschool teachers and students than 1:33, compared with the national 1:9 standard gap is obvious. There is a big gap between the level of preschool education and the level of education.
[strategy: accelerate the popularization of preschool education in 2015], our province will focus on strengthening the construction of teachers is: the establishment of long-term mechanism of preschool education teachers, through special subsidies, government procurement of services, student financial allocation etc., break the bottle neck problem of preschool teacher shortage. Support to solve the problem of public kindergarten teachers, rural collective kindergarten teachers pay, and gradually achieve equal pay for equal work. Continue to take a variety of ways to carry out large-scale national and provincial training to enhance the professional quality of the province’s early childhood education team. The two is to promote the equalization of public services in preschool education: pre-school education will be included in the budget, increase local financial investment, the main responsibility for the effective implementation of pre-school education investment, establish kindergarten run funds safeguard mechanism, to ensure the normal operation of the kindergarten.
2 on the loss of children looking back
[status: consolidate the quottwo basicsquotis arduous task] in our province in 2011 through the acceptance of the "two basics". In 2014 nine years of compulsory education in our province the consolidation rate of 66.62%, compared with the province "12th Five-Year" education plan in 2015 to reach 98% goals, a difference of 30 percentage points, the consolidation of the quottwo basicsquotis arduous task.
[countermeasures: responsibility for the loss of their children back] first, governments at all levels should attach great importance to kongchuo Bao, to consolidate the rate control to ensure a reasonable interval, fighting a battle to consolidate compulsory education. Second, it is necessary to accurately classify and analyze the reasons for students to reduce the problem, identify the crux of the problem, precise force, develop practical work;

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