Double eleven singles but came to Xiamen to see the show

cars in our lives gradually become popular, every year there are a large number of people need to buy a car, so there are many areas in the market to carry out large-scale auto show. On November 11th -14, 2016 China · Xiamen international automobile exhibition will be held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center, hundreds of thousands of mainstream car brand names, car assembly, wonderful interactive scene, at the end of deals to get together, it is bound to set off my city at the end of Car Buying boom.

is worth mentioning is that this year’s Xiamen auto show will usher in many new faces, such as the construction of Jaguar Land Rover, the first Thai Thai, l Paul Changan automobile (000625, shares) and other stores, as well as Xiamen Bao Wo, the Mustang car, brand new power show specifications upgrade.

today, the newspaper special interviewed the person in charge of the 4 new stores, the new brand, look at these "new faces" and how will the Xiamen auto show to wipe out the spark".

built Jaguar Land Rover

manufacturers new exhibition debut wonderful interpretation of British style

built Xiamen Jaguar Land Rover center general manager Zhong Fei

Xiamen to build its own brand car for many years to participate in the Xiamen auto show, not only to promote the end of the year sales, but also increased the exposure of the group and the brand car dealers. Therefore, construction of its new car brand dealers – built Jaguar Land Rover center, especially the Xiamen auto show, "hope to quality services, to enhance public store impression." Said Zhong Fei, general manager of Xiamen Jaguar Land Rover center.

at the Xiamen auto show, Kiefer JLR will bring out new manufacturers, with a unique atmosphere of avant-garde, simple, and elegant car environment, allow the public to experience the one and only the top Jaguar Land Rover style.

it is reported that the construction of the Xiamen Jaguar Land Rover center, the main British Jaguar and Land Rover, has a strong landing in Jimei automobile city. The store with a total area of nearly ten thousand square meters, built in accordance with the latest Jaguar Land Rover global standard, set sales, customer service, finance, insurance, second-hand car in one, has a modern exhibition hall, high standard customer service maintenance workshop and international advanced testing equipment.

the new car: Land Rover found God, the range rover, Range Rover Aurora, Jaguar F-pace, XJ, and the first domestic Jaguar XFL.


booth expanded to 600 square meters of brand power to fully upgrade

general manager of Guangzhou TOYOTA Haicang Sheng Yuan Jian

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