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Qingtang city tourist area

in the Xining city will discuss the development of investment, cultural tourism in recent years in Xining A new force suddenly rises. in the third industry is the main promotion project types, including cultural projects 23, involving an investment amount of 2 billion 408 million yuan, tourism projects 51, involving a total investment of 9 billion 900 million yuan. A deep culture and history of Xining tourism projects, a perfect scenic area service projects, new projects and a number of public cultural activities center, a group of multi culture characteristics of the city’s cultural industry project was a grand launch.

new attractions regeneration

in recent years, plateau tourism accumulate steadily every 6, 7, and August, Xining will be the influx of a large number of domestic and foreign tourists, tourism revenue of our city is also increasing, but the scenic tourist services function in our city is in need of improvement, but also need to further explore the attractions development, to retain people". Therefore, the Western Conference, in the external promotion projects, the existing tourist attractions to the new content of the project is particularly eye-catching.

[a] Shadow Mountain Princess Princess Wencheng Palace – in Huangyuan County mountain scenic area to establish culture with the tourism project. Actively explore the arrival of Princess Wencheng’s history and culture, historical stories and legends show the arrival of Princess Wencheng to create a story of Princess Wencheng to Tibet; history and legend of Princess Wencheng and Song Xan Gan Bbu love story theme performances, reappear the spectacular scenes of the married Princess Wencheng to tibet. Estimated investment 120 million yuan.

[to be] kylin Bay Harbour entertainment kylin Bay is located in the center of Xining City, the surrounding environment is good, has the very strong attraction, the project will be in accordance with the modern urban life rhythm, entertainment, emotional world construction into line with the new era of consumption demand of the plateau city entertainment theme park. Estimated investment 50 million yuan.

xiadou deep historical and cultural connotation of

in the Western Conference, the city introduced a number of homeopathic Xining historical and cultural content. The integration of culture and tourism, culture can find business opportunities in the tourism industry, tourism can enrich and expand the content, quality can be enhanced, the reproduction of the history of Xining project will make the city more attractive.

[green] Tang history xiadou Qingtang city is the capital with Si Luo regime, built in 1034, the remains of the ancient city wall of South Beach is part of a young South wall of the Tang dynasty. Qing Tang culture development of the ancient city of leisure and tourism projects will be the construction of cultural industry as a driving force in tourism management as a means to achieve organic integration of culture, commerce, tourism, the formation of "western city characteristic culture + film, commercial and tourism value of the spread of new urbanism + comprehensive development" mode. Through the comprehensive development of cultural tourism oriented model, will make the western region of the magnificent turn of the past, to become a showcase of Kunlun cultural tourism;

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